Week 49 in English

Week 49 in English


*A political crisis in Ukraine is growing. The forces opposed to President Poroshenko are lead by Mykhailo Saakashvili. There are permanent clashes between protesters and police. The Prosecution General has arrested Saakashvili. He is accused of being financed by pro-Russian politicians from Moscow. At the same time, hundreds of public activists have arrived at the house of the Prosecutor General demanding to stop repressions against opposition politicians.

*EU visa-free regime for the citizens of Ukraine was jeopardized due to the “warfare” of the authorities against the National Anti-Corruption Bureau. EU says that the violation of at least one of the visa-free regime criteria will lead to the ceasing of that regime. The U.S. has also stated that they have doubts about the commitment of Ukraine in the fight against corruption.

*During OSCE meeting, the U.S. Secretary-General Rex Tillerson stated that the sanctions against Russia are going to be prolonged. They will last until Crimea and Donbas remain captured by Russia.

*The European Council President Donald Tusk stated that there is no safe Poland until it has a conflict with Ukraine.

*11 NATO member states, including Germany, expressed their disagreement with the actions of Hungary. The members of NATO are not supporting the blocking the Euro-Atlantic initiatives of Ukraine from Hungary. In their letter, these states stated clearly that the conflict between Ukraine and Hungary should not deal with NATO strategy.

*Hague Tribunal says there is an inter-State conflict in the Eastern Ukraine. Prosecution Office of the International Criminal Court has established the facts of military confrontation between the Ukrainian army and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

*Ben Hodges, the U.S Army Europe Commanding General said that the U.S. Army learned a lot from Ukrainian soldiers.

Since the beginning of December, 11 soldiers died at the front.

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