Week 51 in English

Week 51 in English


*In Ukraine, street protests are in progress. A few thousand people from all over Ukraine take part in the activity of the Ukrainian opposition forces. Previously, many protesters were detained because of clashes with police. The opposition blames President for the failure of the reforms. Besides, they demand the law on impeachment to be adopted. On Sunday 24, the supporters of the President organized their peaceful demonstration. They declared their support for the President. A couple of hundred people were there.

*The UN General Assembly has endorsed the new resolution on Crimea. The UN charged Russia with massive violation of human rights. In particular, Russia makes Crimea inhabitants to take Russian citizenship. The UN has also stated previously that there is a military conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

*“Antonov” the Ukrainian aircraft producing plant has signed a contract with a France based company. Ukrainian planes will transport European satellites and respective equipment. The Ukrainian An-124 is still one of the most demanded cargo-carrying planes in the world.

*Ukraine and Russia have discussed gas supply prices and volumes for Ukraine. On December 23, the Ukrainian party won in the Arbitration Institute of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce. Ukraine has won more than $75 billion.

*Another group of Serbian mercenaries arrived in Donbas. It was reported by the anti-terrorist operation (ATO) headquarters press center. The group is lead by the Serbian mercenary Beric Dejan (https://myrotvorets.center/criminal/berich-deyan/). Beric has already been captured by the Ukrainian Army. He was swapped. The Ukrainian authorities have recently stated that the Serbian Government does not stop or arrest the mercenaries who are fighting for the illegal Russian armed groups.

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